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ComputerExpert 2009 is a Online Instant Q/A software committed to offering computer help
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Roland Luo
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23 January 2009

Editor's review

At times when you are working on your PC you may be frequented with an issue that you would have no clue about. Even your standard computer help feature may not do much and such cases you need to refer to an expert. Well now you can always et hold of an expert with the help of ComputerExpert 2009 3.60 which provides online support for answering your questions relating PC crash, bugs, software problem, hardware issues, game problem, and many more. Simply post your question and the ComputerExpert would immediately answer it. It supports you with online experts to give appropriate solutions for your PC related problems.

The ComputerExpert 2009 3.60 support users by providing suitable solution to your software, hardware, game, and programming related questions. The application sports an interface that sports vibrant colors, with features set appropriately on it. It provides four main tabs for categorizing your problems that are Software, Hardware, Game, and Programming. The left ‘Search’ bar helps you find any specific question from the program question list. Next, the right ‘Messenger’ bar displays the messages from Experts and Repliers. To ask your query, you have to select one of the four tabs that would present different relevant zones. Choosing one zone, click on ‘Ask Question’ button and state the question with the Question window. You can also answer the questions that other users have asked and check out the replies you’ve received on your question. Further, you can save or print the questions and messages, close question, check asked/answered/scored/hot questions, etc. In addition to these features, you can edit profile and alter network settings, as per preferences.

Using the ComputerExpert 2009 3.60 is extremely easy and it helps you get rid of many problems occurring in your computer with the support of Online Experts. For the remarkable set of options and the extensive support it provides, the program has been found worthy of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

ComputerExpert 2009 is a Online Instant Q/A software committed to offering computer help and tutorials. whether you are novice or veteran, while using computer you will meet all kinds of questions such as - Why my computer crashed for no reason at all ? How can the software which I used so good before goes on strike ? Why this game can not be played over ? why so many bugs when I am programming ? whether it is software problem, hardware problem, game problem or programming problem, you can post your question at ComputerExpert 2009 and get immediate answers. Our mission is to create an international network of computer troubleshooters service experts who will provide friendly, in time, online service, support to all the computer users. It's all about sharing ¡ª what you know and what you want to know. So, why keep your gnawing questions and brilliant answers to yourself? Jump in and start sharing! 1. ComputerExpert 2009 includes software, hardware, game, programming 4 zones, almost all aspect of computer areas. 2. A group of computer experts are gathering in each community, they are ready to answer any question you asked. It's the place to ask questions and get real answers from real people. 3. You need points to ask a question but you can quickly earn the points back when you resolve other questions. 4. The levels mark your activity and show what Answers usage privileges you earned. The more points you accumulate, the higher your level, and the more privileges you get. 5. ComputerExpert 2009 is freeware. You can download a copy from this website at no charge.
ComputerExpert 2009
ComputerExpert 2009
Version 3.60
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